Stretch Ceiling






Printed wallcovering and stetch ceiling customizable

Printed wall and ceiling

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nature urban landscape miscellaneous
Nature Urban Landscape Miscellaneous

An universal solution to dress up walls and ceilings

Ideally designed for all types of sites :
• Renovation
• New buildings
• Residential
• Commercial
• Tertiary
Our stretched fabrics are suitable for every room, including the bathroom or indoor pool.



Our image collections available

Bati-Peint propose an infinity of visual quality. Graphics for everyone who provide extraordinary decorative effect to your home.
You also have the opportunity to submit your own pictures and we realize* your creations.

You’re looking for original decor for your walls and ceilings, or a trompe-l'oeil ?
You want to create a new atmosphere, a new style to your rooms ?
Unleash your imagination !

Quality and high-tech

The impression of our fabrics is of high quality in millions of colors.
Solid color fabrics or printed fabrics, all colors and prints are possible for rendering exceptional.

Quick and clean installation

The installation of stretched fabric is made in a single day in general.

No loss of business for restaurants, hotels, shops, etc ...

Our installation produces no odor or rubble. Complete sanding dust.

Complete removal not required for work areas.


Adaptable and economical

Our fitting system can be adapted to all architectural shapes.

Whether ceiling or walls stretched our installation system adapt to all surfaces to decorate (Switches, spotlights, air conditioning, connections, etc ...)

Immobilisation of your rooms is very limited. We do the installation in only one operation.

The installation-&-supply of our system is cheaper than the realization of traditional ceilings or walls.

ceiling hall

A perfect finish

No more heat canon, installation of a very discreet profile supports your coating.

Your ceilings or walls are damaged, cracked, chipped, stained. You wish to conceal beams or visible cables and piping. Our stretched coatings make them a new lease of life and provide a surface smooth and perfect, with no joins over an area of up to 5 meters.

* If the quality and resolution photos permit.

Technical and ecofriendly

Our stretched fabrics meet the standards for fire rating M1.

Without PVC or chlorine, the fabric is composed of polyester acrylic. Perfectly green, he enroll in the HQE (High Environmental Quality).

Shock-proof coating. Absorbs impact without damage.
Damp-proof, your walls and ceiling do not fear condensation.

Our stretched coating requires no specific maintenance.


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